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What are your favorite personal photographs? 

For me, it’s not the ones where everyone’s picture perfect; posed, poised and smiling at the camera (although I love those too!). Instead my favorite photographs are the ones that bring back an emotion and trigger the senses. 

Thinking back to my newborn photos, when my babies were snuggled comfortably under my neck, brings back the memory of being a new Mommy; a feeling of joy I cherish just as much as I do capturing memories frozen in time. 

Those same adorable images are also a reminder of the fear that once plagued me as a newborn Mother and the overwhelming sense of love I felt for my itty biity babies. I can even smell that sweet newborn scent, almost as if it were yesterday. 

It’s a beautiful thing to look at a photograph and not just be taken back in time but feel, truly feel. 

That’s what I want for you! 

As your photographer, not only do I strive to elicit these feelings for you, I will create a personalized experience that is as unique as you are. You deserve to go home with wonderful new memories. 

If you live in or near Harford County, Maryland, you love a delicious cup of joe, and your secret obsession is Bravo TV (don’t hold it against me if it’s not!), then click the contact tab above, or email me at kayleenewcomerphotography@gmail.com, so we can grab a coffee and start planning your fun-filled session! 

Prefer ice cream, a Skype date, or even just good old fashion email exchanges? We can do that too!! 

I can’t wait to meet you,